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Welcome to Official Website of SFC - Army

Cordial Welcome to all respected viewers and visitors.

You are here, visiting the official website of the Office of the Senior Finance Controller - Army.

This office headed by Senior Finance Controller (Army) is assigned to act as the  Financial Adviser of Bangladesh Army as per Revised System of Financial Management  for the Defense Forces - 1982.

Particularly office of the SFC (Army) deals with personal financial claims of the members  of the Defense Forces/ Bangladesh Army. Apart from these, the important task of this  office is to give decision on pay, pension and other service related matters of  Bangladesh  Army as and when required. This office also give financial advice on  different purchase related claims of the Bangladesh Army and other Inter-services.

To deal with the personal claims there are subordinate offices viz.                  FC pay-1,  FC pay-2, FC Log, 8 Area FCs and 12 Field Pay Offices. SFC (Army) is the Controlling office of these offices.

This web site provides basic information about the Senior Finance Controller (Army)  office itself and about its controlling/supervisory activities. Intended users of this website  will get to know about its various operational offices, their functions along with the  practical, operational and other issues.

Time to time changes will be included here to keep the site updated. Any query or  suggestion is most welcome by the SFC(Army) authority. We hope that the visitors of this  site may have first-hand information on our activities.